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The BarraFit BootCamp class structure is built by 3 classes on a week cycle. Each one of the classes differ in nature but follow a similar structure: warm up followed by 3 blocks of approximately 10 minutes. Each one of the blocks is built by smalle…
"Hi James! Thanks for your inquiry. I just sent the information via email."
"Thanks Denis! I'll be in touch with you through your email."
"Hello David! Thanks for posting your message. To get more information about BarraFit, you can click on Barrafit classes under Gracie Barra Programs. I'll send you some of the materials on your email as well. You may also check the GB Solutions/Marke…"
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"Hi Justine! Thanks for your post and my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Yes we have available materials and videos for the women's bjj self defense class. You may provide me with your email address and will send it to you."
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