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The Gracie Barra Association as the regulating body of Gracie Barra establishes the following policies for Non BJJ Programs offered at GB Schools aiming to protect the integrity of the GB brand, quality of the service provided, and fair competition among the schools.

I.  Non BJJ Programs are permitted at Gracie Barra Premium Schools, according to the guidelines prescribed below:
If you would like to offer any class at your school that is not a BJJ class prescribed by the Gracie Barra program structure, you should align the class with the guidelines defined by this policy.

II.  BJJ Classes have to count for at least 70% of the classes offered at the school;
70% percent of the hours of classes offered at your school must be BJJ classes under the Gracie Barra Program Structure.

III.  The non BJJ program must be safe;
Injuries must be kept to a minimum level and instructors and staff must do every reasonable effort to keep all drills and techniques practiced in class safe.

IV.  The non BJJ programs are restricted to activities related to BJJ and must be approved by the GB Association. Find below a list of pre-approved activities:

  • Muay Thay
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Conditioning & Stretching Programs

If you would like to offer any Non BJJ class at your school you have to get an approval from the GB Association

V.  All instructors must be certified by credible Organizations. Instructors Curriculum Vitae and certificate must be submitted to the association;
The instructor teaching the Non BJJ class mst be certified by an appropriate credible organization and the certificate must be submitted to the GB Association by fax or e-mail.

VI.  The school’s insurance must cover all Non-BJJ activities offered;
If you would like to offer Non BJJ classes at your school, you have to include these classes at your insurance. A copy of your certificate of insurance must be submitted to the Gracie Barra Association.

VII.  Any benefits offered to the original school’s students must be extended to students from other GB schools;
If a student from another GB School comes to take the Non BJJ Classes offered by your school, they must pay exactly the same amount paid by your students.

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