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Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu stand for the high quality technique in all areas and applications of BJJ. Master Carlos Gracie Jr.'s teaching methodology is unique due to its balanced emphasis on self-defense, take downs, and ground grappling. His methodology guided the efforts in creating each one of the Gracie Barra Curriculum that build the Gracie Barra Program for adults and children.

Click on each one of the images below to understand each Gracie Barra Program. Study the material carefully since it brings the key for you to obtain success on your school. Complementing the information below, click here to access knowledge about the Gracie Barra Introductory Class

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  • Admin
    Thanks Denis! I'll be in touch with you through your email.

    • Program Director
      Hi Please could you email me the relevant material about women's program to . Regards.

  • Program Director
    Good day, I too want to get this information. My mail nikitin.den @
    Regards Denis Barra Gracie Darnitsa

  • Admin
    Hello David! Thanks for posting your message. To get more information about BarraFit, you can click on Barrafit classes under Gracie Barra Programs. I'll send you some of the materials on your email as well. You may also check the GB Solutions/Marketing store for the women's program brochures.

  • School Owner
    We would like to have any information on the BarraFit instruction that is available. Also would like to have the woman's self defense info as well. thank you David Falcon Gracie Barra Anaheim Hills

  • Program Director
    hi im an assistant instructor with gb edmonton and looking to start a womens bjj self defence class was wondering if there is some class stuctures or technique videos to help get started

    • Admin
      Hi Justine! Thanks for your post and my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Yes we have available materials and videos for the women's bjj self defense class. You may provide me with your email address and will send it to you.

    • School Owner
      This would be great for all schools, I would be very interested in this for GB Belfast as well. Please could you email me the relevant material to, thank you.
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