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Fitness is a very important part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training experience. From the early days of Gracie Barra back in the 1980s until today, several instructors design and offer fitness classes to complement the regular BJJ classes. Motivated by providing a more comprehensive training program to student or by the possibility of attracting new members, the school typically offers classes on various styles such as Yoga, Functional Training, Cardio-Kickboxing, self defense inspired fitness classes, etc. 

While these fitness classes can be a great complement to the GB Jiu-Jitsu classes offered, adding more to the students experience and even attracting new students, Gracie Barra schools must implement some precautionary measures to make sure the culture and overall look and feel of the facility is not affected negatively. 

To help schools implement fitness classes without damaging to the Gracie Barra Brand or the GB BJJ Classes, school are required to respect the guidelines below:

  1. Brand your class as BarraFit: Gracie Barra is a strong brand that has important values associated with it. When people think Gracie Barra we want them to think structure, friendliness, cleanness, inspiring instructors, world class instructors, progress, goal setting, team spirit, etc. These are some of the most important components of the experience we provide via GB Jiu-Jitsu classes. Try to transfer as many of these components as possible to your fitness classes too. It can only help. Labeling fitness Classes BarraFit followed by the modality of the class is a great way to differentiate your class from others offered in your community. Examples: BarraFit Yoga, BarraFit, Kickboxing, Barrafit, Self-Defense, BarraFit Functional, etc.
  2. Caution in using of other brands inside your school: unless you have been license to use other brands than Gracie Barra inside your school, do not use it. There are several great fitness programs and certifications that can be learned and implemented but before labeling your classes a certain brand, make sure you have the right documents in place authorizing you to do so. 
  3. Promote the use of GB Uniform: the look and feel of your school determines a great extent of the feeling a person develops when walking into your school for the first time. requiring fitness class students tio use the GB Uniform alike any other BJJ student will help you maintain a high standard and cause positive impression and differentiation on any better interested in joining. The uniform is also known for promoting team work and cooperation among students which will be a big help for the instructor. The uniform recommend for fitness classes is the same recommended for No Gi Classes. Women can also use a black work out pants.
  4. Be very organized with equipments: one of the challenges presented by offering a variety of fitness classes is equipment storage and organization. Before buying dozens of equipments, make sure you plan well where you will be storing them and how the will be cleaned. Never let any class compromise the cleanness and neatness of your school.
  5. Make sure to find a reliable instructor: any time a class is offered on a modality in which the mai instructor or instructors are not familiar with, there is a high risk of class inconsistency. The challenge is simple, if you offer a cardio-kickboxing program but you as the owner of main instructor does not know how to teach it, when the kickboxing instructor cannot show up to teach, class is likely to be canceled. If this happens often, student will stop coming. Therefore, whenever you implement a new class, make sure you have a good reliable instructor or team of instructors to count on.
  6. Chose appropriate times on the schedule: there are only so many classes we can offer at prime times of the day. As a Gracie Barra school, prime hours must be filled by GB Jiu-Jitsu classes so there is only two options: 1) offer classes at other times or add space for more than one class to be offered at the same time. Since space is limited, most schools tend to chose option one. In doing that it is important to match the class type with the typical schedule of the person you want to attract. For example, if you want to offer a BarraFit Yoga Class for moms of children on your kids program, it is a good idea to ask them what time would be best for them.
  7. Price it correctly: most Gracie Barra schools offer fitness classes as a way to add more value to a "premium membership". For example, a student enrolled on the Fundamentals Program would be paying $156 dollars per month in California. The school may offer a Yoga or Functional Training class at 69.00 per month for for "free" if the student is enrolled at a "premium membership" of $196 per month. This creates an incentive for members to be paying an average closer to $200 dollars per month which is adds more than revenue than what it costs to pay the instructor to teach that class. 

Why the Barra Fit Boot Camp is awesome?

  1. It is designed for Women only. Women feel more comfortable training only with women.
  2. Self Defense: All women want to learn Self-Defense, and our martial art is the fast growing one in the world.
  3. Personal Goals Assessment: We will follow up with every student weekly to assess their goals, encouraging them to give their best.
  4. Healthy Tips: We can’t provide a specific menu, but we can give tips to enhance diet and direct them to sites where students can find healthy menus.
  5. Motivation: We will be motivating students and helping them so they don’t give up. We have prepared motivational tips to schools to send to the students. We have also organized 12 other tips for instructors to prepare for the final message of the classes.

Program Structure:

Goal: 8 pounds in one month
Period: Four weeks
Classes: 12 classes – 3 times a week.
Duration: 60 minutes.
Suggested Price: $: 189.00

  • If a current student wants to participate of the camp, how much should we charge?
  • Black Belt: FREE (included)
  • Women $125: will pay the difference of $64
  • Fundamentals $156: will pay the diference of $33
  • Advanced $176: will pay the diference of $13

Each class “drop in class” is $19

So, if someone signs up half way into the camp we just need to calculate how much should that person pay.
The girls can test the class before to sign up. You can find the program structure at the GB Library and all advertising materials needed to promote it at the GB Marketing Store.

Understanding the BarraFit BootCamp Kits:

Kit 1 – Barra Fit Boot Camp Sales:

Kit 2- BarraFit BootCamp Instruction

Click here to access the BarraFit BootCamp instructional content

Kit 3- Barra Fit Boot Camp Marketing Plan- Bring more students to your school


Kit GB Marketing Store - Everything you need for promoting the Barra Fit Boot Camp!

We made a wonderful and very interesting campaign that will help your school draw attention of prospects to register for the Boot Camp.

It’s time to get to work and make it happen.

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