GB Knowledge

The Gracie Barra Knowledge is organized in three major categories: Legacy, Business Disciplines and Policies. 

Together, these three categories form the knowledge base that shapes and defines the Gracie Barra way. 

  1. Gracie Barra Legacy: all content related to Gracie Barra's values, philosophical foundation, our Jiu-Jitsu and our brand. The legacy section of the GB Library is where you will find information about Carlos Gracie Jr., the Gracie Barra Method, Uniform, School, and Brand. To access the GB Legacy Knowledge Click Here
  2. Business Disciplines: content related to the business disciplines school owners, instructors and staff must focus on to be able to build successful Gracie Barra Schools. Even though our organization was not originally conceived as a business enterprise, embracing business methods in marketing, sales, management and finances have become essential for an organized growth that will create opportunities for everyone. TO access the Business Discipline Knowledge Click Here
  3. Gracie Barra Policies: content related to the rules and regulations applied to Gracie Barra schools, students, instructors and competitors. Policies on territory, price, promotion and rank are found here. To access the Gracie Barra Policies Knowledge Click Here
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